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Super, Patrick

I just watched your video

✔ This message really spoke to me

✔ I can say that i'm ready to meet my dream lover

✔ Not just any kind of lover

✔ But a lover that will integrate into my daily life seamlessly

✔ Speak my soul's language

✔ And love the true version of Me

✔ I want you to unlock my super charmer abilities

✔ So that I can escape the dating nightmare

✔ Tilt the dating odds to my favor

✔ And connect with someone lovely

✔ Then I can move on from this part of my life and enjoy the rest of it

✔ What's the next step?

“I was single for 5 years and then I found a partner after

The Art Of Wooing Academy” - Mahesh K., Client

“It’s funny how I’m doing the same things but now

I get more desired reactions.”

- Jeremy W., Client

“I Got Over My Fear Of Being Rejected”

- Steve G., Client

“The Academy Has Been Very Freeing”

- Richard G., Client

Some More Testimonials From Super Cool Guys

To be honest THE ART OF Wooing Academy was one of the best investments I've made on myself. He knows his stuff and the time shared with him was really transformative for me. He will strip you off the performance mindset and set you free. I've been feeling liberated and calm (mostly) since then. The experience can't really be put in words but only felt. I can't thank him enough for what he's done for me. Thanks Pat!!


Real Estate

The Art Of Wooing simplifies dating. He won't fix you or make you change who you are but rather show you that you are enough as you are. Because of the program, I was able to see the opportunities around me with new eyes and learn that by being myself, I will attract the people right for me.

— Nate C

Copy Editor

The beauty of Pat’s teachings is that he helps you to bring out your natural tendencies in social and dating interactions and allows you to keep one of the most important tools you have when it comes to attracting others into your life, and that is you own individual personality.

– Matt S

Systems Analyst

Thanks to Patrick’s coaching, exercises, and advice, I was better able to make a great first impression and to develop stronger, more lasting interpersonal connections. For example, before I started the coaching, I was unemployed, dateless, and alone. Immediately after the coaching, I experienced greater success and connection in my job interviews, dates, and social activities. I am proud to say that I now have a fulfilling job, a loving and devoted girlfriend, and more friends than ever before. Patrick’s coaching paid off big-time, and I am forever grateful.

— Sam K

Business Analyst

You deserve the best in this field. You really helped me ignite who I am!

— Jihyun J


“This all sounds great Patrick Wu but will any of this work for me”?

Let me answer that question in 3 words, shi, si, and hai. In other words, yes in 3 different languages.

How you will be supported in

The Art Of Wooing Academy

Support #1

The Best Of The Best Dating Material

More is not always better. In fact, when I see an informational video that is 2 hour long, the first thing I want to do is retreat into my bed and take a nap. After my nap, I continue to refrain from starting that 2 hour video. Instead, I have gathered the best of my material around theme of attracting a dream lover for you consumable bite sized videos for you to follow. These video lessons are designed to integrate into your body fully, so that you won’t have to “remember the information” when you’re out there in real life. You'll be connecting with someone in no time since these lessons will activate you into taking action. Also, these videos are yours forever. Can you say forever eva forever eva forever eva.

Support #2

Weekly Coaching

Each week I will be coaching you on any questions/hangups/topics you want more clarity on so that get an instant upgrade to your super charmer powers. These calls are designed for you to go“hollllllllllyyyyy crapppp I get it. That changes everything”! During these calls, I help you resolve any dating related hangups so that you see more romantic success more quickly.

Support #3

Upgraded Support

While the course material lasts for 9 Weeks. I don’t want to just pack up my bags and go “Laterz dude” and leave you stranded on a desert by yourself. During the 10th to 12th week of The Art Of Wooing Academy you will be part of a 3 week wooing challenge. During this period, you will be applying everything that you have learned in the course and you bring them to the real world. While you take action to create your dream lover, I will be on the side lines supporting you even more as as your coach. Not only that but after the course, I will check up with you on your progress periodically to make sure you're on track with your romantic goals.

Support #4

The Super Charmer Experience

Each week during our coaching calls, you're going to get a special experience whether it is with special exercises you will be doing, special guests you will be interacting with, or live mini missions you will take part in. These experiences will get you out of your head around the concepts of dating and instead you will begin to embody the energy of a Super Charmer. These experiences will prepare you for when you're confronted with your dream lover in real life.

Support #5

The Emergency Call

Let’s say you’re in the middle of your romantic quest and all a sudden you’re confronted with a scenario where you need the type of guidance that Morpheus would tell Neo (matrix reference alert). This is where I come in. Each person in The Art Of Wooing Academy gets a personal Emergency Call from me. I’ll talk through the dating scenario or scenarios that are giving you conflict while on the phone with you. How this works is you text me the message “Emergency Call”. Afterwards, I will find the nearest availability for us to have our transformative coaching conversation. By the end of the call you will hear what you need to hear to be on the fastest path to your "dream lover”.


You’re Probably Wondering…

How much does The Super Charmer Clarity Call cost?


However, this call is not for everyone.

This call is only for those who are ready to go on a romantic quest to attract a dream lover into their life.

How much does The Art Of Wooing Academy cost?


The Art Of Wooing Academy is a 12-week quest that is designed to attract your dream lover into your life.

This program can only be joined if you are sent an invitation.

This is because I can only teach those who desire to have an amazing romantic life

What if I can’t afford it?

If money is an issue, we can talk about different payment plans to make it work for you.

The Truth Is…

You don’t need me in order to meet a dream lover.

You can do it on your own.

The only thing is it took me many years to learn this dance between men and women.

And even then…

I still had a lot of help from my own mentors and coaches around this subject.

Think of this program as the fast track to your romantic success.

It’s like a cheat code without having to cheat.

Can You Afford To Attract The Wrong Lover

Will your romantic partner lead you closer to your dreams or cost you an expensive headache?

Imagine you had a romantic partner who was loving, supportive, and your biggest fan.

When you are having a bad day, your lover is there for you.

Just her presence nurtures you.

When you doubt yourself, your lover reminds you of how badass you are.

She picks your spirit up and soon you are back onto your feet.

She is a supporter of you and your dreams.

Having her around adds to your life.

Now imagine if you attracted the opposite romantic partner.

Let’s say he is abrasive, unsupportive, and tears you down mentally.

Your good day turns into a bad one from all her drama.

She brings out the worst sides of you and keeps you in a low vibration.

She hinders you from your dreams

For Paul McCartney, a member of The Beatles, it cost him $48.6 Million for a divorce settlement.

That’s quite an expensive mistake for choosing the wrong romantic partner.

If you will be spending a lot of time with this woman in the future, wouldn’t you want her to be awesome?

What Kind Of Results Should I Expect

Let’s say you haven’t always had the best luck when it comes to dating.

Then one day you say screw it, I don’t care what I have to do in order to meet my dream lover.

So you have me, and others on a similar path as you cheering you on and supporting you along the way.

Now let’s say I help you become even more efficient in the dating game by

Gaining more confidence on the inside and outside

Gaining the ability to communicate effectively

Gaining the power to lead

And all of a sudden you’re a completely different guy from before.

A new and improved version.

Not only that but what if I am able to resolve all your dating worries and insecurities.

Your type of dream lover would look at you in a different way.

Can you afford to not give yourself this advantage?

Ok then, if you’re ready to sign up for The Super Charmer Clarity Call click on the button below.

Can’t wait to talk to you soon.

Have a woonderful day.


Patrick Wu